Health is Priority.

Health is Priority.

From anything you need in healthcare, To everything you need to be in good health.

We are making healthcare Reliable, Engaging, Accessible, Continuous and Humane. We are there for you, beyond healthcare, to ensure good health - physically and mentally.


What is One Aid?

Everyone should get what they need to stay in best of health — so we bring together primary care, wellness and behavioural health care and do it the way it works for you. We have designed tools and connected teams to support you and make it easy for you to meet all of your health needs. As a One Aid member, you have us with you anytime you need to get better and stay healthy.

It's Personal

Our care teams spend time with you — much more than a doctor’s appointment — to build an action plan for exactly what you need.

It's always there

Our care teams are available for you always — text us, call us, email us anytime. Anything bothering your health? No problem.

It's where you need it.

You have a busy life managing office, home and other things, so we connect with you wherever and whenever is convenient.

My mother wasn't ready to come stay with me in another city. She staying alone concerned me due to her health and care needs. When I spoke to One Aid, I was relieved to have an entire team back her with all her needs.

Being in another city and unable to convince my mom to shift from her favourite house, always bothered me. More about her health and care. When I heard that One Aid would be there to assist her and it’s human driven, I stopped annoying her to shift.

Reimagining Health

There's so much of that goes on in daily life—like busy work schedule, hectic transportation, taking care of family, managing finances and neighbourhood—affects health. It can be difficult to balance all of that day-to-day.

Social factors have a greater impact on your health. We get it. We partner with local communities specifically to address the social factors that influence your health — collaborating with local providers and organizations to get you the right care for your unique needs. With the holistic approach and making use of technology, we can deliver better care and build healthier communities, 1 by 1.

With all these, we help you stay in the best of health and when in need, seek quality healthcare.

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Members What we do

As a new mother, I face several challenges in taking care of my baby. With One Aid Support, I am able to seek adequate parenting support. I can rely on One Aid network to find healthcare quickly. The vaccination updates help me not miss a dose for my baby.

As a new mother, I face several challenges in taking care of my baby. With One Aid Support, I am able to get adequate parenting support. I can rely on One Aid network to find paediatrician anytime. The vaccination updates help me not miss a dose for my baby.”

Restoring humanity, better care - together.

There are millions of healthcare providers all around the country. However from a seeker's perspective, they all seem scattered and disconnected. People need better and reliable access to meet their health needs. People deserve better. That's why we partner with provider organizations, healthcare individuals, community-based organizations, and community members to deliver high-quality, personalized care.

We believe in bettering our health and need the help of passionate and dedicated people who believe, as we do, that there's a better way of caring for people.

Build a better system with us.
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Having queries are normal - be it simple or presumably stupid. We don't judge. Be better each day without any lingering thoughts related to your health. If there's something more than these FAQs, connect to us and we would be happy to help.

One Aid is a health service that brings together primary care, behavioural health and wellness. We look after your non-emergency healthcare needs. Not just that, we listen to your problems and work on it to find a solution. It's personalised to suit your needs. With One Aid, you have the personalised health assistant that's humane and available for you all the time. Anytime you are in need of healthcare, don't waste time looking for help, immediately contact your One Aid Care Partner. This is the fastest and most reliable way to get quality healthcare. Isn't that Simple?

Anything that concerns your health, we consider that. Our services do not restrict to finding doctors, caretakers, medicines, etc. Apart from these services, we work on your healthcare experience. We observe what's working for you and what isn't. Be it reaching out to your doctor for specific information, resolving queries related to medicine, specific health device or first aid assistance. One Aid isn't simply healthcare service but also the one who focus on better health. We assist you with preventive care. Curated health information that you can rely on. A Community Health Center to stay connected with your needs and goals. We consider not just your physical but also your emotional well-being.

Well, the good news is, it isn't! We have humans whom we term as "One Aid Care Partner" who are assigned to you once you are a subscribed One Aid member. You just reach out to your One Aid Care Partner for anything that's bothering you.

We understand waiting is worrisome. One Aid Care Partners are usually quick enough to address you. Since it's driven by humans and not bots, the queries are prioritised and addressed accordingly. An average time to respond is less than 15 mins.

Yes. It is essential to know the member to provide services. We can do better only when we know our members.