It's great to be together

It's great to be together

Anything concerning your health is of concern to us.

We know that good care goes beyond what happens at the clinic. So much of what happens in daily life affect health—such as balancing work, caring for family, transportation and timely food.

We understand that. That's why we're here.

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Healthcare Access with Right Information, Every Time.

Healthcare Access with Right Information, Every Time.

We're always here for you.

We'll spend time with you to listen to your story and to understand your priorities for health and way of life. Together, we'll commit to getting you the care and services which will work for you.

As a One Aid member, you will have:

  • A Care Partner* who understands your priorities and needs, and helps to ensure that you get the right care and services that support you in achieving your goals. Anything you would need - be it medicines, doctor, caretaker, general medicine queries or even lab reports - care partner would make it hasslefree for you.
  • An On-demand* team — including a primary care physician, behavioural health first aider, nurse, among others — come in when there is a medical need to seek their services.
  • The flexibility of care* - when it happens the way it works for you, the sense of pressure eases and you can focus more on yourself and family. We aim to get that kind of care to you. Something that works for you.
  • A Community Health Center* - Online and Offline - where you can come in to get support for challenges going on in your daily life or meet with others in your community.
  • Curated information and latest updates on health through our information channel - HealthCurate
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We make getting care simpler.

Our membership is designed to ensure you get what you need as decided by you. For once in a while healthcare requirement or continuous health program, we have the right thing for you.

Our CARE PLUS & SUPER CARE PLUS members are supported by a care partner who works closely together to ensure all of your goals and concerns are heard and addressed. And they will connect you wherever and whenever is convenient for you—at home, at a convenient place where you're comfortable, like a community centre or a temple in your zone, or by phone, text chat or video visit.

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Medical care

Our care teams include doctors, nurses, care managers, pharmacists and others to support you with any medical conditions or symptoms you're concerned about—we'll always make time for you. If you would need a specialist, our team will assist you to connect with the right one, so you get the care that works best.

Behavioural health care

Physical conditions are not the only parameters for good health — how you're doing mentally and emotionally is equally important. Our team is there to listen and help, be it treating anxiety, depression, or substance use issues, managing a chronic condition like diabetes, or other stressors you are experiencing.

Day-to-day support

You will have your Care Partner to support you in addressing problems big and small—helping to coordinate transportation, fill out applications and help you take care of your daily needs. They are ready to support you to meet your health needs and to ensure your health and well-being.

Never feel stranded.

Being a One Aid member means you have a care team that has your back at all times. You have the support of your Community Health Partner and your care team and can easily access an array of services and resources with One Aid's help. As part of the One Aid community, great care is easy, supportive, and useful, every day.

How to get started:

  • 1. Become a member

    We'll confirm eligibility and service options in your area.

  • 2. Schedule Meeting

    A care team member set up a time for an initial sit-down so we can get to know each other.

  • 3. Get Health ID

    On verification, you will get your Health ID which gives you access to all services within One Aid.

  • 4. Act together

    Over time, you and your care team will work towards your goals for your health and care.

  • 5. Keep going

    There's no endpoint with One Aid care. We'll continue to learn and address your goals and priorities over time.

Due to COVID guidelines, our offline CHC is currently non-operational.

You're always welcome at our One Aid Community Health Center.

Our Centers are so much more than traditional activities. They are places where you can share experiences, learn and discuss things going on in your life.

Community Health Center is a place for you.

We have our online community at each location we are present in. As a member, you get access to an online or offline community, whatever is available in your area.

And it's open to the community.

We facilitate a range of events including healthcare, wellness, awareness and social. Through each Center, you can also connect with local organizations for fulfilling your goals.

* All services are subject to availability in the user location and as per the plan selected.