Frequently Asked Questions


Having queries are normal - be it simple or presumably stupid. We don't judge. Be better each day without any lingering thoughts related to your health. Happy to assist, always.

Our aim is to keep things simple and with lesser constraints. Language shouldn't be a barrier for communication. We try to support as many local languages as possible. Currently we support English, Hindi & Marathi. As we expand, we will keep adding more.

We are neither sponsored by Government nor do we do fee based promotions. To continue providing unbiased, reliable and quality service to our members, membership is charged and kept as nominal as possible.

We want to be there with you all the time. However, based on service requirements and feasibility we have different timings of our Care Partners for each region. You may have to check with your Care Partner for timings.

All medical services are provided by qualified and certified professionals. One Aid works continuously with it's network providers to ensure best quality service. In a case you are unhappy with a provider, One Aid Care Partner would get in touch with you as well as provider to understand what went wrong. In mutual understanding, shall provide appropriate resolution.

One Aid qualifies its healthcare providers based on stringent parameters. However, One Aid doesn't own or have its own healthcare workforce unless its explicitly stated. Service level issues are addressed directly by the healthcare provider. One Aid shall assist in resolving any queries or providing alternatives in such cases. We always strive these incidents never happen.

We strongly recommend not to do this. One Aid may not be able to put strict constraints as this may hamper service level to members. However, we consider this as misuse of privileges. Our services are personalised and your every transaction is a parameter to the personalisation. If you are using this service for someone else, it may impact your parameters and hence have a serious implication to the services you get.

We strongly recommend that. Our services are personalised on several parameters and age is one such critical parameter. As a guardian or parent, you may request services for your kids provided they are member too. This ensures transactions related to them are noted in their profile and not yours.

Membership services explicitly state what is covered and what is not. For the benefit of members, some services are charged only when availed. Services provided by our healthcare network are charged at actual. No matter what, the transactions are fully transparent.

Since One Aid is not a emergency provider we strongly recommend contacting Government provided services for emergencies. One Aid care partner would definitely try to assist when contacted or in cases of unavailability of designated services. However, it has to be noted that One Aid is not equipped to handle emergencies.

We want you to focus on your well-being, while we take care of everything else. Be it finding a specialist or physio, finding answers to your health problems, getting medicine at home, query on generic vs branded medicine, looking for transportation and many more. It doesn't stop at that, we would like to see more of health than healthcare and hence we also focus on preventive measures. We understand health is not just physical but also emotional and hence we have our Community Health Centers to take care of your social well-being.

We have re-imagined healthcare. We make use of right technology and human intelligence. Every member and provider associated with One Aid is working towards this mission of giving better healthcare. Our aim is to grow across India and make healthcare systems better than ever before. Together as a community and for well-being of every human being, we have to work with each other and keep improving at every stage. With this we are able to create better community and care that everyone needs.