Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that language shouldn't be a barrier for seek good healthcare. We will be adding localization support soon.

Sign-ups are definitely free. There are no charges to member to search for service. Providers shall charge their respective fees which is beyond scope of Curoga.

We are working towards it. We don't want to be yet another app. We want to truly add value if we are installed on your device. Keep looking out for announcement soon.

All medical services are provided by qualified and certified professionals. All providers are independently working professionals and has no responsibility of Curoga. Yet, Curoga works continuously with it's providers to ensure best quality service. We take feedback based on services availed to help improve quality of service.

Curoga qualifies its healthcare providers based on stringent parameters. However, Curoga doesn't own or have its own healthcare workforce unless its explicitly stated. Service level issues are addressed directly by the healthcare provider.

We strongly recommend not to do this. Curoga may not be able to put strict constraints as this may hamper service for members. Our services are personalised and your every transaction is a parameter to the personalisation. If you are using this service for someone else, it may impact your parameters and hence have an implication to the services you get. Instead you can sign-up separately for the member and enjoy using the available services.

Since Curoga is not a emergency provider we strongly recommend contacting Government provided services for emergencies. Curoga may provide information. It has to be noted that Curoga is not built to handle emergencies.

We have re-imagined healthcare. We make use of right technology and resources. Every member and provider associated with Curoga is working towards this mission of bettering healthcare. Our aim is to have quality service across India and make the process seamless. Together, we can add value and keep improving at each step. Eventually we will able to create better community and care that everyone needs.

We wish to keep the primary services for member free forever. We may charge service providers minimal fees to improve their quality of service. We do not charge for listing and promoting services. We also work with partners to build sponsored content for awareness.