Committed to good.

  • We won't put sponsored content that will hamper the search process of consumers. Which means we won't have any prioritisation of listing based on sponsorship or subscription. All our listings will be unbiased irrespective of provider being a free or paid member.
  • All sponsored or ad content will be specifically marked so as to identify it from standard content
  • We will not publish ads that are not relevant to the platform or any content we deem as inappropriate for our users
  • We will not compromise any data or sell any personal data to third parties
  • We will not use user behaviour to push ads
  • We will not create any workflow that will force consumer to have biased thinking
  • Any personal information gathered shall be used only for providing relevant information on the site and shall not be used for any discrimination.
  • We will focus on user experience and bettering healthcare. We will continue to improve and keep making changes to align to this vision.