Give the best care to your patients.

We believe Pharmacists can do lot more than daily chores at store in the healthcare ecosystem. That is why we built Curoga for Pharmacists, focused at bettering patient experience with medicine. We are empowering pharmacists with technology to improve patient communication, better medicine management, strengthen delivery, process order faster, share knowledge, stay updated and more.

We have made it extremely simple to use and onboard. We are continuously innovating and making it better with add-on features. There is no cost to become a partner with Curoga.

Accessing Pharmacy

Using our platform give patients the appropriate and accurate information they are looking for.


Patients are today guessing about pharma store availability. Using our platform, give them accurate information whether the store is open or closed at any point in time.


Patients today mainly go online due to hassle of finding stores. Provide accurate information including address coordinates and multiple contact numbers.


Let patients know that you are qualified to handle their medicines. We do thorough verification and provide badges for increased trust with patients.

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Knowledge Upgrade

Learning is a continuous process. And gaining knowledge from right sources is important.


Gain in-depth access to classified pharmacology. Ready reckoner for drug information, technically validated.

Industry Updates

Know about what's latest and in trend. Get accurate information in medicine. Read detailed reports and facts curated from reliable sources.


Get different perspective. Share and learn through our platform access.

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