Give the best care to your patients.

Curoga for Doctors is aimed at assisting doctors to deliver better with use of technology. We are using technology to improve Doctor-Patient communication, manage availability, knowledge sharing, better handling appointments, maintaining patient history, sharing timely information and more. All this with enhanced security and great care for privacy.

We understand complexities and added costs are major hindrances in adopting technology. That is why we have primarily focussed on making it extremely simple and most affordable platform. All features are enabled out of the box on free registration. Most features are available to use without payments. So you can get started without having to invest loads of time or money!

Improve Accessibility

Giving patients the appropriate and accurate information.


Show real-time availability to patients. This saves lot of patient's time as well as practitioners time in responding to enquiries regarding availability.


Patients love transparency and that's the stepping stone for building trust. Patients would like to know more about their practitioner and about their clinics.


Continuous improvements shows the dedication towards improving patient care. Understand how patient feels about the experience through right feedback mechanisms.

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Manage Clinics Better

Organising things lead to better planning and output.

Simplified Application

Get started in just few clicks. Clinic management inbuilt application, helps you efficiently manage your appointments with ease.


With no upfront fees, transparent billing and affordable pricing to ensure every clinic is able to serve their patients better than before.

Safety Inbuilt

Built on latest technology, continuously monitored, hipaa compliant servers, 256 AES encrypted communication channels and complete control over patient data. The best of features with great security.

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Clinic Management Features

Our clinic management is built grounds up to suit most clinics. It's simple and loaded with right features to get you going. Whether it is individual practitioner or a team setup, it fulfills most requirements.

Unlimited Clinics

There are no upper limits on how many clinics you can add. You can add all your personal clinis or visiting clinics.

Unlimited Receptionists

You can add any number of receptionist for your clinic. There is no restriction whatsoever.

Unlimited Patients

Manage all your patients efficiently. There is no limit to number of patients you can add per clinic.

Patient Record Management

Simple patient record management. Add text or image and save the records securely on the cloud. Access from anywhere.

Appointment Management

Spot or Scheduled appointment can be management with ease. Easy customisations. Make appointments hasslefree.

Availability Management

Let patients know you are available at which clinic at click of a button. Add status per clinic to pass additional information for patients.

Doctor Patient Privacy

Write your personal notes or share with patients. You have complete control over each record. Every record is 100% secure.

Payment Record

Keep track of payments. Better visibility of revenue. Get reminders on pending dues. Great flexibility in payments.

Record Download

Download patient records with ease. Option to download private as well public records. One click download.


Learning is a continuous process.

Knowledge sharing

Patients most reliable source are their doctors. Share the knowledge making it easier for patients to access right information. This avoids misinformation from unreliable sources.

Learn from others

There's so much happening across the world, it's difficult to catch up. That's why we bring to you the relevant and most curated information. Helping you improve your practice.

Keep Records

Take notes and keep them safe always. Unlike pen and paper, digital notes are far more secure, safe and highly accessible.

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