Give the best care to your patients.

Patient transport is a critical aspect of healthcare ecosystem. Curoga for Ambulances aims creating high availability and improving reliability of ambulances. We are empowering ambulances with technology to improve patient communication, strengthen network and assist on time.

We have made it extremely simple to use and onboard. We are continuously innovating and making it better with add-on features. There is no cost to become a partner with Curoga.

Timely Access

Give patients the appropriate and accurate information they are looking for.


When the needs strikes, time becomes a critical factor. Knowing which ambulances are operational is key to this fulfillment.

Speed of Access

Finding ambulance quickly is of utmost importance. Time plays a very important role. Patients should not be guessing and should be able get access faster.

Right Service

Need for cardiac ambulance cannot be fulfilled by regular one. It is important for patients to know exact details beforehand to make the decision faster.

Register ambulance service

Upgrade Service

Learning is a continuous process. And gaining knowledge from right sources is important.


Understand location wise details on demand. Make improvements based on evidence based facts.


Get relevant patient feedbacks. Right feedback helps you improve your service levels.


Make informed decisions for growth. Catch up to more demands and be well prepared.

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