Bringing together professionals for building a better health system.

When people unite for good.

Imagine when engineers, care providers, and communities sit to build a completely new health system that is people-centric. Where people are using their skills and experience to reimagine healthcare. From nurses to software engineers, from communities to patients are working towards a common goal.

This isn't imaginary — it's a usual day at One Aid.

Better Technology, Better Approach, Better Health.

We believe when great healthcare services are supported with the right technology, it can elevate the levels of care that can be provided. We know with the diverse thinking and varied approach it is a difficult task. Hence, we at One Aid are bringing everyone to one goal - better health.

We are building platforms that can help health professionals do better, get reliable communication and collaboration and have better insights into the patient recovery process.

We are working with professionals who are contributing to better health, be it nurses, caretakers, manufacturers, innovators or simply delivery. We build technology and processes that are aimed at improving the existing health systems and optimising resources. Our systems lead to better health outcomes, reduced costs and improved accessibility.

How is working at One Aid different?

  • We have a common goal and every member working with us is working towards achieving that one goal - better health.
  • We build things that matter and have a deeper impact on the system. If there is something you discover in the process, we will build that too.
  • Our teams have equal insight into our objectives and hence are able to connect directly to the right stakeholders while building systems. Functional to technologists, everyone is working under one common idea.
  • You are always heard for any ideas, suggestions or even criticism - irrespective of your grade, experience or skill

Be part of building care that is real.

We are a people-centric organisation and whatever we do should matter to them. To make this happen we work and bring together people from diverse groups be it - doctors, nurses, caretakers, social workers, technologists, research workers, clinicians and more. We look for support from passionate members who believe in building a better health system - a system that provides exceptional health experience. Our systems are evolving and becoming better with inputs from each of our members. Together, we can bring in great improvements in the way health care is delivered.