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How it works

We made getting assistance easier and reliable.

Having queries are normal - be it simple or presumably stupid. We don't judge. Be better each day without any lingering thoughts related to your health. Happy to assist, always.

At times, you may not be able to find what you are looking for. We used our advanced network to help you search better.

How to get there:

  • 1. Go to member dashboard

    Login and ensure you are verified. Choose "Other" option in the health center.

  • 2. Post your request

    Anything that bothers you related to your health or if you are unable to get anything in healthcare. And by anything, we really mean it.

  • 3. Process request

    Our centralised team or your local care partner, would look into your query and categorise and prioritise it.

  • 4. Act together

    We find, assess and deliver the answer to your request. We go through our knowledge pool, team of professionals and other reliable sources.

  • 5. Keep going

    You can get back to us with more queries.

We want to make it better.

The queries that you may want to ask could sound stupid or its pretty much serious - we treat it as necessary. We want to make the best attempt to get whatever is necessary to keep you in good health.

Here are some example of questions/assistance people seek from 1Aid. We want you to know these are not the only question or way of asking questions. These are only to help you so that you can ask queries without a second thought.


  • Where can I get my injury dressing done?
  • I accidentally got in way of steam, what first aid can I do?
  • It's been a tough day at office, I feel stressed out. I need to speak to someone. Can you help?
  • I need medicines to be delivered to me on regular basis. Kindly help.
  • Where can I get Glimepiride tabs right now?
  • I need an ambulance. Can you help me book it?
  • Which laboratory provides test for allergies?
  • Can I get a home visit for checking BP?
  • I need a lady gynaec near me. Can you help me find one?
  • Can any doctor visit home to check my kid today?
  • I need to get immediate glucose test done at home. Possible?