Build the care you need

Build the care you need

Spend more time with patients.

Caring isn't a time-bound task. It's a steady thing. Visiting a doctor, popping a pill - shouldn't be rushed. You may not get enough time at the clinic or with a doctor or a health care professional. At One Aid, we spend time with you to truly get to know you and your health goals.

Available for you, always.

The best thing we do is to be there whenever you need us. Our teams are approachable and highly engaged with communities. We are available for you at the click of a button - be it chat or call.

Work as one team, connected.

We work with healthcare professionals as a team to get you the care you need. It is essential to be well-informed of the patient's needs at every level of care. We work closely with each health partner to make that happen.

Anything we do, it's patient-centric.

We are building a radically different experience.

  • Holistic approach around your health - integrating your health needs, interactions, medical history and actionable items. Making better decisions.
  • Curated Information - it's important to get the right information at right time. Not just that, it's necessary to stay updated and validating rumours. With our HealthCurate platform, we bring only curated information to you.
  • Community partnerships - it is important for us to understand the communities we operate and integrate it a way that it helps our members.
  • We are building the network of care providers and assisting them to deliver the best quality of service using our benchmarking process and adapting better industry standards. As a result, we are able to connect care seekers to any care provider in the fastest possible time and ensure care seekers are able to access all health-related services in one connect with One Aid.

Personalized Care

By using the combination of humans and technology, we are able to drastically reduce the time to treatment, improve quality of treatment and make it personalized.

  • Provide better healthcare to all members by building Reliable, Engaging, Accessible, Continuous and Humane (REACH) network
  • One size fits all is not something we would want to adopt. The care you need is different from others. Something that fits your needs and ways is a much better approach to getting better. At One Aid, we spend time with you to know what works best for you.
  • The flexibility of care - if you are under pressure to adapt yourself to healthcare ways those are an added hassle in your recovery process. We want you to stay calm and focus on getting better and not get bothered with healthcare management.