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Our Story

The premise of One Aid is that health should be personal, healthcare should be simple. In August 2018, we launched One Aid with a mission to promote First Aid. But sooner we learnt the limitations and the need for better health system.

We started the pilot in the smart city of Palava in Mumbai. We built our technology platform, connecting healthcare professionals and getting continuous feedback. We then rebuilt the systems to create a solid foundation for the 2.0 action plan - Reimagining Healthcare.

In the launching phase of 2.0, world got struck with covid-19. We had to delay the launch. We closely observed the situation and this helped us confirm the need for such a system, build a stronger platform and fill in gaps. We used this time to collate data and improve systems and build what people need.

We are now even more determined about the need for good health system than ever before. We are working towards this goal one step at a time.

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Health is Personal.

Do you often get influenced by other people's choices or referrals? Wouldn't it be great to have a system that understands you? Have you ever imagined choosing what suits you the best?

Your needs are unique and hence what worked for others may not for you.

Health starts not with you but everything that's happening around you. And that everyone should have good care for what matters to them. Everyone's different and so are their health needs. We aim at building a new healthcare model that addresses your needs and not a generalised one.

Good Health is a better option over Good Healthcare.

People want better health, not more doctors & hospitals.

Health care system existing today is reactive, rather than proactive. It is not only expensive but many a time unnecessary.

There won't be overnight infrastructure improvements and need is ever-increasing. There should be more focus on preventative care and in keeping a patient out of the hospital. And address the root cause of ill health.

Better Care, Better Health.

Our approach gives every member comprehensive care that improves their health. We partner with healthcare providers and communities to achieve this.

We leverage existing systems and help them function in much efficient way. We connect them together.

We bring together people from diverse backgrounds including technology, healthcare and wellness. We are building the technology and designing systems for better experience.

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We need the help of community partners to understand and bring better care to each member we serve — together, we can improve health, block by block.

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