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Our Story

One Aid (1Aid) is founded on the premise that health should be priority and healthcare should be personal. In August 2018, we launched One Aid to assist and promote First Aid. But sooner we learnt that it's not just First Aid but there's a need for way better health system. With some good mentor backing, we planted seeds in the smart city of Palava in Mumbai, building & bettering our technology platform, connecting healthcare professionals and getting continuous feedback. However, we had to rebuild the systems to ensure we are able to build a solid foundation for the 2.0 action plan - Reimagining Healthcare.

Almost after a year and a half later, while we were almost ready with our 2.0 to be launched, the world got struck with Coronavirus. We had no option with lockdowns in India but to wait for some more time. However, this helped us validate the need for such a system, build a stronger platform and fill in gaps. We used this time to collate data and improve systems.

We now understand the need for good healthcare system than ever before. We are working towards this goal one step at a time.

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Health is Personal.

One Aid is founded on the premise that health starts not just with you but everything that's happening around you, and that everyone should have good care for what matters to them. We experienced firsthand how current healthcare systems have fallen short in providing adequate health support to people in need.

We aimed to build a new kind of care model that addresses the root causes of health, and in doing so, improves health in communities that have previously been struggling.

Good Health is a better option over Good Healthcare.

People want better health, not more doctors & hospitals.

Health care system existing today is reactive, rather than proactive. It is not just expensive but many a time unnecessary.

There won't be overnight infrastructure improvements and need is ever-increasing. The better balance is to focus on preventative care and keep a patient out of the hospital in the first place.

Better Care, Better Health.

We partner with healthcare provider groups, and local community-based organizations to provide every member with comprehensive care that improves their health and daily lives.

We are working on connecting health care systems in the right way so that we can leverage what exists more efficiently than ever done.

We've brought together people from diverse backgrounds including technology, healthcare, wellness and care to get this right, building technology and designing a good member experience in tandem. To us, that's how healthcare is to be delivered.

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We need the help of community partners to understand and bring better care to each member we serve — together, we can improve health, block by block.

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